Fall Brooklyn Botanic Garden Wedding

August 8, 2020

As a wedding photographer, botanic gardens are always a dream venue. Beauty at every corner is what we can depend on, especially when it came to Katie and Kyle’s fall wedding at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

I loved their minimalistic tablescape, their eco-friendly wedding favors (fresh ground coffee straight from Katie’s father), how well they let the beauty of the garden space speak for itself.

With beauty comes challenges. The wedding took place at around sunset, the greenhouse-style made the lighting situation unique! Normally venues have walls that allow light to bounce to capture the day so that it’s non-intrusive and well lit.

Kyle and I pre-emptively planned for the dark venue. The research was important to do before I was even officially hired for their wedding day! I wanted to be sure I could deliver amazing results. Part of that included heading to Pinterest to see what others have done in the past.

Mixing constant light with off-camera flash and on-camera wasn’t my first idea. But as I continued to research I knew that would be the best option for photos and the guest experience.

I used the constant lights to ensure all of Katie and Kyle’s guests had a good view of everything. What I wanted to avoid was just using flash for my own photo’s exposure.

Custom-made white light-stands were used so that they blended in with the ambiance. This allowed me to stylize the images and create a pop that added dimension.

If I needed another wave of love for wedding photography, this is it. Their wedding day went perfectly on time, which is rare on wedding days. Hearing the vows of Katie and Kyle was an honor. You could tell that the planning of this wedding came together in order to feel effortless. Most importantly, there was the love of Katie and Kyle’s guests filling the room.

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