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Almost nearly a decade in the wedding industry Amanda has learned that the big day is comprised of little moments. 
Wedding photography is a job. But it shouldn't be yours. 
Amanda takes careful consideration with your timeline to prioritize you and your guests so you don't have to miss out on your own little moments. 

As far as moments go, Amanda believes that everyone has a story that they're living out, everyone is worthy of love and compassion and her mission is to create a safe environment for all of her couples regardless of differences.


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Ready to book?

Amanda does travel for weddings, she has photographed state side as well as internationally. She would be happy to follow along wherever you go, there will be a travel fee associated with the cost of the wedding.

Do you travel for weddings?

You or your planner can reach out through the contact form to see if Amanda has your wedding date available. A 50 % deposit is made to hold your date and the rest is due upon your event.

How do we move forward?

Yes up to 2 million and I can provide the venue with my COI as needed.

My venue requires insurance, are you covered?

Two is ideal, depending on the day. Shorter days can have just one but two will ensure multiple angles and that all your guests get taken care of (you know they love photos too!)

How many photographers will there be on my wedding day?

All of the photos will be edited, this is why it takes 6 - 8 weeks. They'll all be beautiful!

How many photos will be edited?


Photos captured from the very beginning, the start of your planning process.


engagement session

The night before your life changes forever. Dinner with your best.

rehearsal dinner


The I do and I do too. Traditional or truly one of a kind, your wedding day encapsulated.

wedding day


Megan & Kellen

"Amanda is truly unbelievable to work with. Her energy is simultaneously laid back but all business. The photos are gorgeous and exactly what we hoped for. "

Laura + angel

"We were looking to have a more unique, unconventional wedding but still get the professionalism and quality a wedding deserved. She gave us just that."

morgan & Frank

"We're pretty low-key people, so I wanted to make sure that we could have someone that could respect how subtle we are while still finding a way to celebrate our love."



 2021 Amanda Domenech weddings

Amanda Domenech

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