TV shows to binge while you’re engaged

March 2, 2020

You’re engaged! You need some TV shows to binge watch together ASAP! These shows are fun, both guys and girls dig these shows and it’s a nice staple for the two of you to include in your routine while your counting down the days till you’re married.

I watched all of these shows with my husband who is very very picky. Our styles and interests are completely different and these shows worked for both of us so I consider that a win-win!


Why watch New Girl? I personally love the representation of bi-racial relationships because I’m Puerto Rican and my husband is Peruvian and British. The friendship dynamics are fun, the comedy is light-hearted and there’s a whole 7 seasons. The episodes are relatively short so it’s the perfect watch over a quick meal show.


Need some excitement and drama in your life? Breaking Bad is it. I watched this show 10 years after it wrapped and it still felt so present-day. I don’t like drama or danger in my regular life so to see it played on screen is nice, I’m entertained but safe. The best part about this show is the discussions after every episode. 


Who doesn’t love comedy? Weirdos. Jerry Seinfeld is the MOST successful comedian, if you didn’t know he’ll remind you in this show. He’s pretentious in a way you’re going to love to hate. The guests are pretty incredible. Some of my favorites are; Sarah Jessica Parker, J.B Smooth, Sebastian Maniscalco, and Fred Armisen not in that order. The episodes are totally digestible some are even 8-15 minutes.


I had to coerce my husband into watching this with me. I spent my 90’s watching Seinfeld, not Friends so it was finally time to make up for lost laughs. It took him around 5 episode to finally ask to watch it. Once that happened, we were in for the long run. Seriously. We started watching it a few months before it left HULU and had to buy 4 seasons on amazon prime. Worth every penny. 


How do you even have words for such a perfect show? I don’t know. I’m going to try. It is hilarious, ridiculous, heart-felt, perfect for everyone. There wasn’t a moment that I didn’t enjoy. UGH. Please watch, and then call me so we can laugh about it. The premise: a wealthy family loses their riches and lives out of a motel in a tiny town. They’re adjusting to life as commoners and it’s the best thing ever. It also ends in a wedding sooooooo there’s that. 

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